conservationWe at Atelier Gilding & Framing specialize in professional restoration and conservation of gilded period picture frames and gilded objects. Each piece is unique and presents its own individual issues and problems. Many beautiful period frames are in the need of care and stabilization to ensure their lasting beauty, impact and value.  

Some of the conservation and restoration services we offer include:

  • The smallest repairs and cleaning to major structural reconstruction rebuilding of the gesso layers and reconstruction of ornamention.
  • Cleaning and stabilizing of period picture frames and gilded art objects.
  • Reconstruction and rebuilding of the gesso layers due to losses or damage to the gesso ground including gesso putty fills.
  • Hand stripping to remove layers of paint and other incompatible materials.
  • Reproduction of carved ornaments, application and recarving of gesso, water gilding and oil gilding, burnishing, toning and patinating to match existing finishes.
  • Access to fine art carriers for handling and transporting works.

At Atelier Gilding & Framing, we work with museums of fine art, historical societies and individual collectors.  Please contact us with any questions you have pertaining to the restoration or conservation of a period picture frame or gilded art object.

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