Conservation Portfolio

  • Gilded 19th century mirror frame that had been over painted on top of the original gilding. The left photo shows the frame after the surfaces had been hand stripped of paint and other inappropriate materials. The hand stripping exposed the original gray clay bole and the gesso surface. The photo on the right shows the frame restoration completed in 22kt gold leaf using matte as well as burnished water gilding.
  • 19th century portrait frame showing the damaged gilded surface, bronze particles as over paint and gesso loss
  • Restoration completed with the frame gilded in 22Kt gold leaf and the ornaments and gesso repaired.
  • The corner and the center ornament on this frame were damaged and missing. Molds and casts were made, carved, the surface incised and the new ornaments regilded and toned.
  • This portrait frame had been subjected to water over a period time and the dampness dessicated the gesso layers and the composition ornaments. The frame received structural repairs, the surface stabilized, repairs to the ornaments made, new traditional gesso added and regilded and toned as it was originally intended.
  • The actual water gilding process begins.
  • Gesso layers stabilized and prepared for water gilding using a yellow clay bole on this early 18th century frame.
  • Early 18th century frame water gilded in 22kt gold leaf with matte and burnished gilding.

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